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A Hard Day's Rut
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10 July 1964


Recorded 29 January, 25–27 February, 1 March & 1–4 June 1964, EMI Studios, London, and Pathétic Marconi Studios, Paris







Preceded By

Meet The Rutles (1963)

Succeeded By

Rutles For Sale (1964)

A Hard Day's Rut was an album released by the Rutles, alongside their film of the same name. It was the third album by the Rutles and was released on the 10th July 1964.

A Hard Day's Rut (album)

Track listing[]

Side One[]

  1. I Must Be in Love (2:04)
  2. I Shouldn't Know Better
  3. With a Girl Like You
  4. I'm Happy Just to Rut With You
  5. Between Us
  6. Tell Me When
  7. Can't Buy Me Lunch

Side Two[]

  1. Any Rhyme At All
  2. I'll Fry Instead
  3. Lonely-Phobia
  4. When I Get Rome
  5. I Can Do That
  6. I'll Rut Back

US Version[]


The American version of the album was released on 26 June 1964 by United Artists Records in both mono and stereo, the fourth Rutles album in the United States. The album went to number one on the Billboard album chart, spending 14 weeks there, the longest run of any album that year.

Side One[]

  1. I Must Be in Love
  2. Tell Me When
  3. I'll Fry Instead
  4. I Shouldn't Know Better (instrumental)
  5. I'm Happy Just to Rut With You
  6. Between Us (instrumental)

Side Two[]

  1. I Shouldn't Know Better
  2. With a Girl Like You
  3. Between Us
  4. Barry Theme (This Goy)
  5. Can't Buy Me Lunch
  6. I Must Be in Love (instrumental)